Strong Advocacy For Small Businesses In Times Of Disputes

Sharma Mediation & Arbitration Inc., assists clients in resolving disputes using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. Rather than pursuing traditional courtroom litigation which is public, time consuming and costly, ADR offers confidentiality and a cost effective and efficient resolution of a variety of disputes.

Specializing in servicing the dispute resolution needs of small business contractors in the construction industry, Sharma Mediation & Arbitration has successfully assisted clients in resolving disputes with a focus on time efficiency and cost savings. With a knowledge and understanding that disputes often are detrimental to the financial solvency of a business, Attorney Sharma has provided assistance which allowed small business entities to remain operating as viable business enterprises.

Services Offered

Sharma Mediation & Arbitration offers various services to businesses and individuals, including:

  • Advocating as legal counsel for clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings.
  • Serving as a neutral in mediations and arbitrations.
  • Assisting small contractors in drafting, negotiating and enforcing contract payment terms.
  • Preparing and filing applications and appeals on behalf of clients seeking certifications as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE).
  • Facilitating Public Sector clients and private sector stakeholder groups to resolve public policy related disputes.
  • Conducting reviews of contractors to ensure compliance with Federal and State Construction Laws, Equal Employment Opportunity Laws and Regulations; Prevailing Wage Labor Laws.
  • Resolving automobile lemon law disputes.

You Will Always Work With An Attorney

When you work with Sharma Mediation & Arbitration Inc., you will always consult with and work with a licensed attorney. Attorney Sharma will not hand you off to an assistant or paralegal. You will always have legal counsel working on your matters.

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Sharma Mediation & Arbitration Offers Consultations

Sharma Mediation & Arbitration offers consultations by appointment on a schedule designed to fit your needs. Credit cards accepted.

Call us or email us to schedule your free consultation at 608-729-4925.