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ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Dedicated Madison Attorney Works to Amicably Resolve Legal Issues

Ethical Wisconsin lawyer assists clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings

Legal disputes are stressful and disruptive and need to be resolved efficiently and successfully, but litigation is not always the best answer. At Sharma Mediation and Arbitration in Madison, our attorney assists individuals and businesses in Southeast Wisconsin in mediation, arbitration and other alternatives to litigation. With 25 years of experience, attorney Jaya Sharma is highly adept at navigating these situations and can act as counsel or serve as the mediator or arbitrator in a dispute. She is an American Arbitration Association (AAA) certified arbitrator and mediator. Whether you need to address a breach of contract issue, construction defects or zoning disagreement, attorney Sharma understands how to reach fair and workable solutions in a variety of circumstances.

Skilled arbitrator and mediator resolves business disputes

Running a business does not come without its fair share of conflicts. Whether it’s an issue involving a construction project, another company not fulfilling their contractual duties or another company accusing you of the same, disagreements can arise at any point.

Clients and parties often find that disputes handled through arbitration result in better outcomes, less time and lower costs than litigation, which is why it’s ideally the first course of action. Attorney Sharma has years of experience acting as an arbitrator and making final decisions regarding:

  • Construction disputes, including building and highway projects
  • Breach of contract claims and other commercial disputes

Mediation is another form of alternative dispute resolution that has much less impact on the conduct of your business affairs than litigation. Ms. Sharma serves as a neutral third party in these proceedings and listens to both parties’ grievances. Unlike arbitration, her role here is not to make a final decision, but to help both parties reach an agreement.

Attorney provides effective counsel in ADR proceedings

While alternative dispute resolution is less contentious and complicated than litigation, it is not a do-it-yourself solution. You will still need an attorney by your side to make sure that whatever outcome is reached protects your rights and interests. Arbitrations are like trials in that they require skillful presentation of evidence and questioning of witnesses. Mediations, though less formal, also demand thorough introduction and evaluation of documents and testimony, as well as careful drafting of a final agreement. Ms. Sharma will represent you in an arbitration or mediation conducted by another third-party neutral and advocate on your behalf for the most favorable result achievable.

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