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Our Mediation Philosophy

Early Intervention And Guided Choice Mediation

Construction projects can be halted for months by unforeseen disputes. The stop then causes a cascade of other problems. Unsettled disputes between contractors, subcontractors and other businesses increase costs to a project and can be fatal to a business. Attorneys are often called in to resolve matters with expensive litigation.

Attorney Jaya Sharma finds one of the best methods for resolving conflicts is through “guided choice mediation.” The process involves working with parties before a dispute arises or at the very beginning of a dispute. Ms. Sharma is a skilled guided choice mediator. She has key experience for resolving complex business-to-business conflicts before those disputes result in costly litigation. Her firm will help businesses resolve disputes due to:

  • Breach of contract
  • Performance issues
  • Change orders
  • Construction defects
  • Payment disputes
  • Public policy matters

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An Innovative Approach To Resolving Conflicts

At Sharma Mediation & Arbitration Inc., our mediation philosophy is that dispute resolution can prevent costly litigation. In guided choice mediation, parties agree to mediation and select a mediator to work with them in the early stages of their dispute. The mediator meets with the parties to learn about the nature of the conflict and each party’s desired outcome in pre-mediation meetings. In this customized settlement process, the mediator takes into consideration the unique factual and legal issues of the dispute. The mediator also balances distinct methods of working with the decision-makers involved.

The guided choice mediator helps the parties prepare for their mediation negotiations and to anticipate likely areas of stalemate in the process. The mediator creates options to discuss ways around those obstacles arising in the negotiations, including if the dispute does not get settled.

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