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Public Policy Mediation And Conflict Resolution

We Restore Harmony Between Public And Private Parties

Relations between public entities and private citizens or organizations are not always simple. Public officials must carefully balance the diverse interests of their constituents. Private interests might challenge the status quo. When a disagreement arises, focusing on productivity can help both parties reach a mutual understanding.

At Sharma Mediation & Arbitration Inc., we work with our public and private clients to create fair agreements outside of court. Our lawyer can serve as counsel or mediators in public policy mediation. Local councils, municipalities, city planners, residents and businesses throughout Wisconsin trust us to help them move forward.

Settlements Can Be Mutually Beneficial

Disputes with local governments commonly involve:

While these matters are important, litigation is often not the best way to solve problems. Mediation and other alternatives offer many benefits, including helping you establish a positive relationship for the future. It can also minimize costs and reduce the duration of the dispute.

We recognize that each party may have justifiable concerns and interests, which is why we navigate mediation with careful attention to detail. Our depth of experience in dispute resolution gives us a unique perspective when proposing different options to our clients. We find creative methods to compromise.

Preserve Positive Relations – Even In A Dispute

You can depend on our optimism, knowledge and flexibility. Our attorney keeps parties focused on the same goal: to reach the optimal outcome in a constructive way. Call 608-729-4925 or email our office in Madison to schedule a consultation with a skilled lawyer.

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