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Arbitration Helps People End Disputes Efficiently

Whatever caused the dispute, you will want to resolve it quickly. A dispute consumes valuable resources: time, money, attention and other company resources. The dispute is a distraction from running the day-to-day operations of the business. Resolving the conflict allows you to get back to business and focus on what really matters.

At Sharma Mediation & Arbitration Inc. in Madison, we can help you resolve your commercial and noncommercial disputes. A certified arbitrator, attorney Jaya Sharma has experience in all aspects of arbitration proceedings both as counsel and as an arbitrator. Call 608-729-4925 to schedule a consultation today.

Arbitration Has Valuable Advantages

Arbitration is a confidential proceeding where an arbitrator renders a final decision that is binding. It is meant to be used in place of traditional litigation without subjecting the parties to a court trial. Arbitration is a workable dispute resolution option for many reasons, including:

  • Neutrality — A decision will be made by a neutral third party, acting as an adjudicator who renders a decision and makes an award on the issues in dispute.
  • Confidentiality — Unlike courtroom battles, arbitration is a confidential process that preserves the privacy of the disputing parties.
  • Finality Unlike mediation, arbitration is binding, which assures parties that the dispute will have a final resolution.

Types Of Arbitration Cases

The types of cases Ms. Sharma can assist you with include:

  • Highway construction disputes
  • Building construction disputes
  • General commercial arbitration
  • Automobile lemon law disputes
  • E-discovery disputes over electronically stored information

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